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  • NEW! KITH's Same Guys, New Dresses will be on CBC Sept 15th

  • NEW A new kid's cartoon, "invader zim" has Kevin doing a voice of one of the alien comanders, the purple one. Check it out, it's on Friday's at 8:30 on Nickelodean

  • NEW! This information came from the KITH List I'm on. Kids In The Hall have an official site now, it's Kids In The Hall

  • Kevin will be making an appearance on VH1's The List on Nov. 21 at 7:00.

  • Anybody has the Romance Cable channel, Boy Meets World will be on Tuesday, at 3pm, thanks to my KITH list for this info, and also the Friends episode that Kevin was on will air on Tuesday, check your local listings for that.NEW!

  • The movie, Ladies' Man will be out Oct 13, 2000. The movie is based on a SNL character potrayed by Tim Meadows. Upcoming MoviesNEW!

  • Kevin is, and I quote, "Developing a sitcom for Fox and working on screenplays he hopes to produce."

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